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Chapter 944 The Meeting of Mother and Daughter

  • Li Chengshuang was stumped when she heard that, so she answered in embarrassment, “Youyou, what are you saying? I am still your mother after all. As mother and daughter, blood is thicker than water. How could we possibly have a clean break?”
  • Ji Youyou regarded Li Chengshuang while holding back her tears, but she could still feel the surges of heartache in her chest. Did she claim that we are mother and daughter? Blood is thicker than water, did she say? My mother is nothing but a bloodsucker. From the day that I’ve been reunited with her, I have never felt any maternal love from my mother. Instead, she has been going against me each time.
  • “Youyou, why don’t you order something to drink? This hotel’s coffee is not bad at all...” Li Chengshuang noticed that Ji Youyou’s complexion was not good, so she lifted her arm to wave at the server. “Please serve two cups of coffee—I want the best!” she ordered.
  • The server nodded and retreated in a hurry.
  • Ji Youyou still stared at Li Chengshuang as her eyes started to redden with tears. Without even being aware of it, Ji Youyou’s tears started to fall from the corners of her eyes and dripped from her delicate chin onto the table.
  • “Youyou, what is it?” Li Chengshuang smiled awkwardly and handed some paper napkins to her daughter. “Wipe away your tears! I know that I haven’t been in contact much with you earlier, but that’s because I’ve been busy! Now that I’m not busy, didn’t I rush over to catch up with you?”
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