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Chapter 941 Downstream

  • Upon hearing her words, Ji Ding’s face reddened for some reason. Doing well? The Ji Family has taken over Venture Capital Finance, yet she still wants me to tell them that it is doing well? The Tang Family is planning to establish Wuhan Investment Company. In other words, they are going to give up on Venture Capital Finance and establish another new company, so how am I supposed to say that we are doing well?
  • “I am not thick-skinned to the point of begging them...” He felt embarrassed out of extreme fury and was ready to storm out of the room.
  • “Thick-skinned? Are you worried about your image at this point of time? If you are not going to beg them, I’ll do it!” Li Chengshuang scolded. She then took out her phone and dialed Tang Lijiang’s number. No matter what, I will not let the Ji Family collapse.
  • Beep, beep, beep.
  • The beeping sound was heard for quite some time, but Tang Lijiang did not pick up the call.
  • Her face paled, as if she felt that her world had collapsed and she immediately dialed Jiang Hui’s number.
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