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Chapter 937 Lightning

  • Tang Yin’s expression fell, making him nervous while looking at that ferocious beast.
  • That unknown beast had been reared by the Zhao Family in Mount Wang for many years, so they certainly had a thorough understanding of the monster. On top of that, it took three masters of the transformation stage to suppress and calm the monster at that time. Now that he had to face it alone, it was understandable for him to feel anxious.
  • Boom! At that moment, there was a faint sound of thunder in the sky.
  • He raised his head in shock while a hint of horror flashed across his eyes.
  • Boom! The clouds in the air collided with each other before a bolt of lightning struck from the sky with a deafening sound.
  • Tang Yin abruptly retreated and leapt into the air when the bolt of lightning directly pounded the spot under his feet.
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