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Chapter 936 Foot of Mount Wang

  • “As a member of Venture Capital Finance, why can’t I be here when the company is holding a board meeting?” Yuan Zhian sat on the chair with her legs crossed and a smug look on her face.
  • Li Chengshuang’s expression was extremely dark; she knew that Yuan Zhian was not someone easy to deal with, especially in situations where her master was involved since she was incredibly loyal. Sitting at the main seat, Li Chengshuang snorted coldly before gently addressing the others. “Everyone, I’m not going to hide the reason why I am here today—I want Venture Capital Finance. Do you have any comments?”
  • Those at the scene exchanged glances with one another and lowered their heads.
  • Seeing this, Li Chengshuang sneered and sarcastically added, “Hmph, looks like all of you know that the Tang Family is going to fall soon, so are you guys starting to look for a new master?”
  • The others remained silent as nobody wanted to reply to her.
  • “That’s the right choice. Even a smart bird would choose a fine tree to make its nest on. This is just how the world works!” She slouched in the chair as the corner of her lips curved upward into an incredibly ironic smile. “Since nobody has any comments, let’s take a look at the contract I have with me here. If you guys agree to it, transfer all the shares you have to me.” With that, she directly tossed the contract in her hand onto the table of the meeting room.
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