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Chapter 935 Acquisition of Venture Capital Finance

  • Upon seeing that scene, everyone instantly kept their mouth shut and lowered their heads.
  • “I’m asking you guys—are you guys deaf?” Zhao Rui stood at the center of the lobby and yelled at everyone who was present.
  • Nobody answered her as everyone knew that she always had a bad temper. Therefore, at such a moment, nobody was willing to bear the brunt of her rage.
  • Unable to get any response, she looked around in fury but failed to spot Tian Qingqing. “Where is Tian Qingqing?”
  • “Madam, President Xu and Secretary Tian left earlier...” A general manager hurried over because he had no choice but to bite the bullet at that moment.
  • “They have gone out?” With a raised eyebrow, Zhao Rui angrily took out her phone and immediately dialed Xu Wei’s number.
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