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Chapter 933 A Miracle Happened

  • The sound of thunder could be heard everywhere at Mount Wang.
  • The mountain was collapsing and burying countless plants in the process. The villagers of Mount Wang shouted in panic while running as far as they could from the scene.
  • The cries of the people echoed at the mountain and traveled as far as hundreds of meters away.
  • Tang Yin looked back and glanced at the collapsed cave before dashing to safety. Zhao Yu is buried within the mountain. She should be dead by now, right?
  • It would be a miracle for anyone to be able to survive such a massive collapse at the mountain.
  • Countless rocks and boulders rolled down the slope when he ran at the speed of lighting and he could not resist from taking a look behind. The village that had existed for hundreds of years was completely wiped out—in that moment itself!
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