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Chapter 926 Delay

  • Tang Lijiang calmly glanced at his surroundings with his cold eyes. “Do you guys think that the Xu Family would be able to accept it if I integrate the entire Tang Family business and transfer them back into our country?” His shocking words stunned everyone at the scene.
  • How powerful exactly was the Tang Family? It was said that any one among the Four Great Families was no match for the Tang Family. In fact, the Tang Family was able to cause economic turmoil and turbulence in a region if they had the intention. Therefore, would the Xu Family be able to compete with the Tang Family if the latter really integrated their businesses and transferred them back to their country?
  • Currently, the Xu Family was only taking advantage of the Zhao Family’s influence, which unfortunately had a limit no matter how powerful it was. If the powerful Tang Family were to make an appearance in their country, there would be no guarantee that the Zhao Family from Mount Wang could completely take over the Tang Family regardless of how powerful they were. If they really failed to do so, and the Tang Family had the intention to drag them down along with them, could the Xu Family afford to bear this outcome?
  • “Why don’t you all think about it?” Tang Lijiang rose and calmly uttered. “By then, would the Xu Family be my match? Following the Xu Family now only allows you to gain minimal benefits from the Tang Family’s losses, but if you guys follow me, I can promise that you guys will gain considerable portions of the Xu Family’s assets!
  • “Patriarch Tang, we need some time to consider this matter!”
  • “Sure, I’ll give you guys some time!” After saying that, he turned around and headed outside. Jiang Hui caught up with him from behind, her expression extremely cold.
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