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Chapter 924 The Return

  • The expressions of the participants changed.
  • Shi Changxin swept a glance over them and heaved a sigh. Tang Lijiang’s move was superb. Although he hadn’t managed to win anyone over, his analysis of the current situation caused the supporters of the Xu Family to become hesitant.
  • “Leave now if you don’t have the guts!” Li Chengshuang broke the silence and snorted, “Right after Patriarch Tang appears, you won’t even have the courage to get the rewards for yourself. So what else is there to talk about?”
  • “Mrs. Ji, the business world is ruthless. Certainly we have to give it a careful consideration. How could we make a rash conclusion?”
  • “That’s right.”
  • “Yes. She’s rushing to Wuhan without a plan…”
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