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Chapter 920 Walking Out of the Desert

  • “In half a day?” Zhuge Pei was startled and looked puzzledly at Tang Yin. “We should be able to walk out of the desert in half a day, right?”
  • “No!” Tang Yin shook his head. “It’s a very hot day now. If we go out directly, it will cause a heavy burden to our bodies. Moreover, if there are people trying to kill us outside, we will fall into danger.”
  • Zhuge Pei remained silent for a while and nodded.
  • “We have entered the desert from here and headed for the East…” Tang Yin drew a straight line on the sketched map. “We will walk out from here…”
  • Zhuge Pei nodded without saying a word.
  • “Take a rest first!” Tang Yin heaved a sigh and extended his arm before leaning against the sandstone.
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