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Chapter 916 The Business Federation

  • Nodding, Elder Wang understood that what Huang Ting said made sense. The Xu Family was gobbling up the Tang Family’s businesses, but he was stopping the other people who tried to do the same, which certainly would make them feel displeased.
  • “Get ready and tell my wife to bring my granddaughter to Tang Island tonight!”
  • “Elder Wang!” Hearing that, Huang Ting was shaken to the core with a shocked expression. “You…”
  • “It’s nothing. We’re just taking a stroll.” Elder Wang impatiently waved his hand.
  • Hearing that, Huang Ting looked admirably at Elder Wang and turned to leave. Elder Wang’s move was going to be profoundly meaningful.
  • When Tang Lijiang visited Beijing some time back, he told everyone that his son was going to be engaged with Elder Wang’s granddaughter. Then, he said that Elder Wang’s granddaughter had become Jiang Hui’s goddaughter.
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