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Chapter 91 Tang Yin Rushes Over

  • “I’ll kill you!” Ding Xuan clenched his teeth and glared ferociously at Wang Hao.
  • “Kill me?!” Wang Hao made a face of utter disbelief, then burst out into a hearty laughter before bringing his hand down onto Ding Xuan’s face. “You?! You want to kill me?! Did all of you hear that? He said that he wants to kill me!””
  • “Hahaha…”
  • “Mr. Wang, don’t mind him, he’s just an idiot. Hahaha…”
  • The goons around Wang Hao burst out into taunting laughter.
  • “Hao, he looks really scary…” Jiang Yan shuddered and curled up in Wang Hao’s lap like a helpless child. “Look at that face and those eyes of his; he obviously hasn’t conceded defeat…”
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