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Chapter 905 Burnout

  • Meanwhile, in the desert of Africa, a staggered figure was carrying another person on her back as she hobbled along.
  • Surrounded by yellow sand and hills, the only thing that Zhuge Pei could do was to walk toward the direction of the moon while it was still dark.
  • Zhuge Pei didn’t know when she would be able to get out of the desert. She only knew that she was almost suffering from burnout.
  • Having given birth to her baby in the middle of the desert and fought with Tang Yin, Zhuge Pei was facing major health problems. Although she was admitted to the hospital later on, her body could not fully recover.
  • While they were in the desert, Tang Yin fed her more than ten Yuan jades, which also improved her strength at the same time. However, the advancement in Zhuge Pei’s strength was not able to restore her physical functions.
  • At this moment, Zhuge Pei was already swaying.
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