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Chapter 897 I'll Personally Release Them

  • Tang Yin continued his actions without any intention of stopping. When the second Yuan Jade was used up by Zhuge Pei, he took a deep breath and decided to take out a third one.
  • The sun gradually went down. By that time, Tang Yin had used up the fourth jade before Zhuge Pei’s breathing finally stabilized.
  • Noticing that it was dusk, Tang Yin could also sense the drop in temperature, so he carried Zhuge Pei on his back again and continued their journey.
  • It was normal for the temperature in the desert to swiftly decrease when night fell. Therefore, Tang Yin continued his travel at night in order to save his stamina.
  • On his back, Zhuge Pei felt conflicted, for could feel his care toward her, though it was something she was not acclimated to.
  • She had been warning herself to hate the man in front of her, but she started hating herself for the feelings she had developed for him.
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