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Chapter 896 How About Tao Nianyin

  • “Okay!” Meng Wan hung up and let out a gentle sigh as she returned to her room.
  • Tao Qingfan was still in the room, rummaging for something while muttering, "Where's that thing? You only gave him a bottle; it’s not enough!"
  • "He finished it?" Meng Wan was shocked because even Meng Nianyin only drank a bottle a day. This baby didn't even take long to finish an entire bottle.
  • "Yes, he finished drinking. Get that stalactite!" Tao Qingfan was still searching around.
  • "Leave it to me!" Meng Wan walked up and started making the stalactite milk concoction with Meng Nianyin in one arm.
  • Tao Qingfan looked on until Meng Wan finished preparing the milk and grabbed the bottle over to feed it to the baby in the cot.
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