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Chapter 885 Aboriginal Tribe

  • “Even a sniper can’t cause greater harm?” Wang Yang was stunned.
  • Wang Jin nodded. “That’s right. I’ve already tried previously. Although a sniper’s bullet may break through their skin and lodge itself within their body, it’s not able to cause greater harm!”
  • Tang Yin fell into silence when he knew that these people had already gone past normal human’s capability and had already possessed non-human powers.
  • “Let’s camp here and check the situation again tonight!” Tang Yin instructed softly before getting into the car. Since they wanted to camp here, they shouldn’t stay so near to avoid the aboriginal men getting alerted.
  • Wang Jin got into the car and quickly drove away along with Tang Yin. About ten minutes later, they stopped their car at an empty cliff on the mountain of sand.
  • There was a cliff cave at plain sight and there was water flow at the deepest part of the cave.
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