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Chapter 882 Dispute

  • “Explain? Explain what?” Han Siyu sat on the chair and scanned past everyone coldly. “I do not need to explain what I do to anyone, nor do I want to do that!”
  • Every member of the Han Family there was shocked as they fell into silence. Han Qi was like this back then, and even Han Siyu was similar. The two of them never had the habit of explaining. Xu Meixin, who was standing at a side, pulled on Han Fei’s sleeve and pouted.
  • Han Fei’s face immediately turned coldly. “Siyu, we’ve never blamed you back when you were unwilling to give us an explanation. But, are you really not going to give us any explanation this time? Do you think that you can just deceive us from the Han Family’s various existing problems? Do you know that doing this will only harm the Han Family? If it wasn’t for Meixin helping us, the Han Family might have been in deep trouble now!”
  • Han Siyu leaned back in the chair. However, she still refused to say anything.
  • “Siyu, Han Fei is right. Even if you don’t want to give us an explanation, you should at least give us, the Han Family’s family members, some reassurances, shouldn’t you?” Han Rui spoke up as well.
  • Han Siyu frowned before she sighed lightly, for she did not expect the Han Family to have more than one ignorant scumbag.
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