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Chapter 879 A Maternal Filicide

  • “Die!” Tang Yin shouted while applying the Soul Lifting Technique, which put Song Mo in a trance for a moment. By the time Song Mo came to his senses, Tang Yin’s blade was already just inches away from him as it cut the skin on his chest open. “Mr. Song!”
  • “Dad…” As everyone else from Mount Wang noticed Song Mo’s cut, they all flipped out and lunged at Tang Yin. “Die!” The latter then swung his blade and beheaded three of them as their headless corpses collapsed to the ground.
  • “Tang Yin!” At the sight of what Tang Yin did, Song Mo nearly shed blood from his eyes. “Since you want to die so badly, I’ll make your wish come true right now!” Upon saying that, Song Mo pounced forward and struck Tang Yin’s chest with both of his palms, but the latter then slashed through the air with his blade, only to be met by Song Mo’s fist. While both men unleashed their inner energies, a loud clunk was heard, whereupon the blade was broken in half.
  • After that, Song Mo took the opportunity and stepped forward to punch Tang Yin’s throat, but the latter reacted by deflecting his attacks downward, clashing once again with the former. Swoosh… As waves of their inner energies spread through the air, they were both separated once more. Soon, Song Mo swallowed his blood and quickly darted forward with another attack, but Tang Yin was seen with a long blade in his hand.
  • The Song Family was Mount Wang’s ace in the hole. Although they might not be recognized by many like the Zhao Family, they were still considered to be a tough opponent, especially Song Mo, who made a perfect match with Zhao Yansong. This was because one of them operated in the open while the other worked in the shadows. Besides, both of them had already attained the level of God Within as well. Therefore, they were often feared when they went all out in a fight.
  • Meanwhile, Tang Yin continued fighting Song Mo in a fierce battle so intense that no bystander was able to interfere. As the fight violently went on, Mount Wang was filled with screams of rage and moans of agony. Song Mo might be strong, but he was still no match for Tang Yin. Furthermore, he was weakened by his injury, thus he wouldn’t be able to last much longer against his enemy. Some people, who witnessed their fight, eventually gave in to their fear and ran into the village for their lives because they noticed Tang Yin was able to hold Song Mo off while killing anyone who was near him. Therefore, they instinctively fled, unwilling to become another fallen victim to this man.
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