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Chapter 878 A Killing Spree

  • Upon finishing her words, Zhao Yu raised her hand and was about to strike Tao Qingfan’s forehead. Soon, Zhuge Pei’s communication device rang, whereupon she quickly answered it. Then, she heard a trembling voice on the other end, saying, “T-Tang Yin is here. He has come to slaughter everyone in Mount Wang!”
  • “What did you just say?” Zhuge Pei was taken aback by what she heard, while Zhao Yu immediately stayed her hand and turned her attention to the former. “He dares to show himself at Mount Wang?”
  • “He is right here now!” Zhao Yansong frantically said over the phone. “I’ll let you live for now. Take us back to Mount Wang at once!” Zhao Yu turned around, seizing Tao Qingfan by her hand. Meanwhile, Tao Qingfan bitterly tried to fight back her tears, knowing that she was no match for Zhao Yu. In Zhao Yu’s eyes, I suppose I’m nothing different from an ant whose life is dispensable anytime. Soon, they hit the road and left Beijing in a hurry.
  • At the same time, Tang Yin had indeed made his way to Mount Wang. In fact, he had already left the karst cave on the Snow Mountain of Nine Dragons earlier in the morning. Not long after, he learned about what Tang Lijiang had done all this while when he was away. Then, he subsequently found out that Zhao Yu was gone for Beijing, knowing that she had fought with Jiang Hui as well. Therefore, Tang Yin decisively made his way to Mount Wang without much hesitation. I suppose it’d be unwise to head over to Beijing’s airport right now. Instead, I should attack Mount Wang while their big gun, Zhao Yu, is away.
  • When Tang Yin showed up, the dwellers at Mount Wang immediately reacted by blowing the horn to warn the others about his existence. Tang Yin was not a brutal man without a heart, but he was definitely not the same person anymore in the face of these people from Mount Wang. Even though Tao Qingfan was captured in his last invasion to Mount Wang, he didn’t retaliate by hurting Zhao Danyang. Nonetheless, it appeared that he had to step up his approach this time, considering how things had changed. Zhao Yu has crossed the line and left me with no choice, thus I suppose I mustn’t hold back anymore. Upon arriving at the foot of the hill, Tang Yin had already killed four of Mount Wang’s members while making his way to his destination.
  • Even the best martial artists in Mount Wang were too scared to face Tang Yin, retreating to the village as they menacingly glared at the figure that was approaching them. “When is the Great Ancestor going to be back?” Song Mo stood among the crowd and asked their leader, Zhao Yansong, who was shivering himself. “S-Soon. She will arrive by tonight!” Upon hearing his reply, Song Mo’s heart sank. It’s only the afternoon right now, and yet the Great Ancestor is only going to be here by night? Oh gosh! If we can’t hold Tang Yin off until then, who else can?
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