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Chapter 872 A Journey Down the Mountain

  • Despite her gray hair, Zhao Yu had skin that was even smoother than a baby’s bottom. If she covered her hair and put on some fancy clothes, she’d look like a sixteen-year-old teenage girl, but who would’ve thought that underneath this pretty face was a murderous killer? Soon, a motorcade slowly approached as Chairman Zhao exited his vehicle with his men and fearfully stood aside.
  • Then, Zhao Yu was seen knitting her eyebrows, seemingly disgusted by the existence of cars. However, she read some information on the worldly technologies before she left the mountain, thus she got over with her repulsion while Tao Qingfan opened the door for her. “Master, please get into the car.” Zhao Yu nodded and entered the vehicle, followed by Tao Qingfan, who was afraid that Zhuge Pei would take her seat because she wouldn’t want to sit face to face with her.
  • After the four travelers got into the car, Chairman Zhao quickly entered the vehicle as well to lead the way toward the airport. “Where are we going, Master?” Tao Qingfan asked with a smile. “Just name a place, and I’ll prepare our journey ahead. So, when we arrive, you’d have a place to settle down right away!”
  • Zhao Yu furrowed her brows, but before she could respond, Zhuge Pei beat her to saying, “That’s none of your business! The Zhao Family knows what to do!”
  • “That’s right!” Zhao Yu nodded, but Tao Qingfan laughed it off mockingly and replied, “You see, little sister…”
  • “I’m not your little sister!” Zhuge Pei’s face became gloomy.
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