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Chapter 870 Self-Punishment

  • “Noted!” The female secretary nodded in response and passed on the word to the driver before the motorcade started moving. At the same time, Han Fei had already left the Han Residence, excitedly running toward Xu Meixin’s car.
  • “Did you get it?” Xu Meixin happily looked at Han Fei. “It’s right here!” The man threw the item into the backseat and proceeded to hug Xu Meixin while kissing her. Stunned by Han Fei’s sudden reaction, the lady froze as she tried to push him away but soon decided to let him be at the thought of what he had just done. After sharing a passionate kiss in the car, Han Fei satisfactorily let go of Xu Meixin as his eyes lit up. “Meixin, when do you think you can get it done? I’m planning to summon everyone in the Han Family for a meeting to confront them about this matter tomorrow!”
  • “Confront them? Tomorrow?” Xu Meixin was taken aback by Han Fei’s decision but soon agreed to him as she didn’t think it would be a problem. “Yes! Tomorrow! We’re going to confront them tomorrow! After everything you’ve done for me, it’s time they acknowledged your credit! You’ve contributed the most to the Han Family, and your good deed must be remembered!” Han Fei said with an agitated voice.
  • “It’s not really that much of a big deal. Anyway, please take me home, and I’ll find someone to take care of your matter!” Xu Meixin smiled while giving a short reply. “Alright!” Han Fei nodded and started hitting the road.
  • In the meantime, Han Siyu was watching from afar in her car as Han Fei slowly disappeared from sight, but she only let out a sigh without saying a word. This incident poses no threat to the Han Family, and neither does the information that Han Fei stole have anything to do with us. Although most businesses are bound to have loopholes, this is not the case for the Han Family. In fact, ever since the Tang Family showed signs of possible internal strife, Han Qi had already taken care of all problems, foreseeing something like this to happen one day. “Let’s go!” Han Siyu shook her head and headed toward her office. I guess I’m beginning to understand why Han Qi liked staying in her office while enjoying Shanghai’s view with a glass of red wine.
  • The next morning, Zhao Yu was sitting in the courtyard amidst Mount Wang’s village, where Zhao Yansong was seen kneeling before the former. Then, he kowtowed to her and said with a trembling voice, “The Great Ancestor, Tang Yin is too cunning. We have yet to locate his whereabouts.”
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