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Chapter 868 Arriving in Beijing

  • “I’ll pick Tang Lijiang up myself!” Elder Wang said. “You’re going to pick him up yourself?” Huang Ting was taken aback upon hearing those words, wondering whether it was necessary for a big shot like Elder Wang to pick Tang Lijiang up in person.
  • “I have to pick him up myself so that I can make sure he doesn’t create any unnecessary trouble!” Elder Wang snorted and waved his hand. “You may leave now. Remember! Stall the Xu Family to buy Tao Huaisheng some time to take a break!”
  • “Roger that, Boss!” Huang Ting nodded and left Elder Wang’s office.
  • At night, the plane that Tang Lijiang was in soon landed at an airport in Beijing. While Tao Huaisheng and his people had arrived to collect him, Elder Wang and his men were standing from afar all this time, watching the plane landing on the runway. Soon, the hatch door was opened, and out came Tang Lijiang down the stairs.
  • Nonetheless, Tao Huaisheng stood still in place without taking a step forward, for he knew it was not time for him to do that yet. Meanwhile, Tang Lijiang was seen in a black windbreaker, followed by a few men from the Dragon Camp. After exiting the plane, he nodded to Tao Huaisheng and headed straight to Elder Wang. “I’m so sorry to impose on you to pick me up, old man.”
  • “Oh, come on. Knock it off!” Elder Wang glared at Tang Lijiang and said with a glacial smile, “If I don’t come and collect you myself, you’d probably make a scene right after you get off the plane.”
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