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Chapter 865 Intimidation

  • Tang Ai was frightened out of her wits as Zhao Yu’s voice reverberated in her mind. “The Great Ancestor!” Duanmu Yang panicked as he frantically crawled forward and said with a shaken voice, “The Great Ancestor, this is my granddaughter-in-law. She is still new, so she doesn’t know about the rules of the hidden families! Please forgive me for the Duanmu Family’s sake!”
  • “Why should I do that?” Zhao Yu’s voice wafted around the courtyard once again. “The Great Ancestor!” Duanmu Yang moved forward and sympathetically kowtowed. “She is pregnant with my grandchild, our only grandchild! Please have mercy on her, the Great Ancestor!”
  • “Mercy?” Zhao Yu’s cold voice said.
  • “The Great Ancestor, I’m willing to take your punishment in her place as long as you agree to spare Tang Ai. Please let my grandchild live!” Duanmu Yang pitifully cried as he continued to kowtow. “In that case, I’ll spare her life,” Zhao Yu replied.
  • “Thank you, the Great Ancestor! Thank you very much!” Duanmu Yang happily kowtowed, but as he lifted his head, he felt a strong wind grazing his face shortly before he was hit by something. In the next moment, he was sent flying backward, crashing onto the tree while letting out a painful moan. Soon, blood was seen dripping from his mouth as his face turned pale. That palm strike surely packed a punch!
  • The sight of what happened struck fear in the hearts of every other member from the Eight Great Families as they realized that their respected patriarchs were actually no match for one woman. More worryingly, they pissed off the Great Ancestor, who just attacked one of them with a heavy palm strike. Currently, Duanmu Yang was in a terribly bad shape as a result of the attack, which would take him years to fully recover from his injury. Meanwhile, Tang Ai was frightened until her face turned pale while her servants quickly helped her kneel down in obedience.
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