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Chapter 864 A Visit to Mount Wang

  • Despite her pregnancy, Zhuge Pei hadn’t changed much, evident in her overbearing and haughty attitude, except that the white dress that she was wearing was now wider. In her seventh month of pregnancy, her swollen belly had become obvious even though she had been training intensely every day. Nonetheless, her strict discipline had served to perfect her slim figure even more on the other hand. “Let’s go!”
  • Nodding his head, Zhuge Zhan led the way as he was followed by the other members of the Zhuge Family. Meanwhile, Zhuge Zhan nodded indifferently without saying a single word. “Regarding this visit that we’re paying to the Zhao Family…” Zhuge Zhan hesitated while recalling the news that he had received earlier. Then, he sighed and said, “You must keep your distance from him! Zhao Qing may have betrayed the Zhao Family, but he doesn't have anything to do with us since a long time ago!”
  • “I know!” Zhuge Pei answered. Upon nodding his head, Zhuge Zhan let out a sigh and asked, “How are you doing with The God Record?”
  • “Pretty well. In fact, I’d say I’m making good progress, and I’m close to mastering The God Within!” Zhuge Pei contemplated before deciding to tell the truth.
  • “It seems that everything is as you expected earlier. The God Record is the combination of all secret techniques from the Eight Great Families, but yet none of us realized that over those years! Judging from that, I believe Tang Yin did the same thing by studying and practicing all our secret techniques before he mastered The God Record!” Upon hearing that, Zhuge Pei’s eyes were filled with murderous intent as she clenched her fists. Nonetheless, Zhuge Zhan, who noticed his daughter’s reaction, only shook his head helplessly as he saw through Zhuge Pei’s strong hatred for Tang Yin. If Tang Yin was right here, I know she wouldn’t hesitate to strike him.
  • Soon, the Zhuge Family members arrived at the departure hall, along with the other members from the Eight Great Families. At the same time, Tang Yin appeared at the airport as he looked back at the departure hall and shook his head, not because he noticed anyone from the Zhuge Family or the Eight Great Families, but because of his serious injury.
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