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Chapter 858 Borrowing Money

  • When Yu Qian heard this, her face flushed crimson. She stood up with her head down, then walked toward the payment counter. Along the way, she was hesitating whether or not to leave this place!
  • Actually, after Yu Qian rescued Tang Yin from the river, she had already done her part. Now that he was sent to the hospital, she felt that she had done what her conscience told her to. Even if she left now, she would definitely have a clear conscience.
  • However, looking at his severe injuries, she hesitated for a moment.
  • "Mom..." Yu Qian called her mother's phone. "I need a sum of about ten thousand! If you don’t have it, could you give me seven thousand?"
  • "What are you going to do with it?" Yu Qian's mother asked.
  • "I-I'm in a tight spot. My boyfriend has met with a car accident, and now he needs money at the hospital!" Yu Qian said hurriedly.
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