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Chapter 843 Patriarch of the Zhao Family

  • With a grave expression, Tang Yin stared at Zhao Qing with murderous intent.
  • “Great!” Zhao Danyang guffawed and gnashed his teeth together as he glared at Tang Yin. “Tang Yin? Since you have the guts to vent your anger by killing a Mount Wang’s member, don’t blame me for being unsparing on you!”
  • “Stop it!” Wang Yang moved forward and hurriedly fished out his ID. “I’m a member of the special forces from Beijing…”
  • “Go to hell!” There was no way Zhao Danyang would listen to him. How could he not be furious when his wife’s corpse was lying on the ground right before his eyes? Without speaking further, he charged forward.
  • “I told you to stop!” Wang Yang growled and took out his pistol before aiming at Zhao Danyang.
  • “Watch out!” Tang Yin grunted and took a step forward to pull Wang Yang back before extending his hands toward Zhao Danyang.
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