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Chapter 842 Poisoned

  • Wang Yang’s expression turned dark as he gazed at Tang Yin. Scram? Does it mean that there’s no room for negotiation?
  • “What else did they say?” Wang Yang asked solemnly.
  • “They said that if we go up the mountain without permission, we will bear the consequences!”
  • The veins on Wang Yang’s forehead protruded when he heard that. They were in the territory of China rather than someone else’s kingdom. How could the members of the special forces be chased out of this place? If the news was spread, they would become a laughing stock.
  • “All of you wait here. I’ll go there on my own.” Tang Yin remained silent for a while and said to Wang Yang, “Please protect the two people of mine.”
  • “Tang Yin, I-I’m going as well!” Ji Youyou raised her head and said anxiously. She had developed an affection for Cen Xia in their contact over time. Since Cen Xia was confined on the mountain, how could she have peace of mind?
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