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Chapter 841 Scram

  • “Tang Yin!” Huang Ting walked over and placed his hands on Tang Yin’s shoulders. “Elder Wang feels sorry for not being able to help you last night, so he’s assigned these people from the special forces to you. Even if the people of Mount Wang are rude, they won’t dare harm them!”
  • “Alright!” Tang Yin was grateful as he had a good impression of Huang Ting. He believed that the latter would have a bright future.
  • “Go ahead and take care.” Huang Ting nodded and hugged Tang Yin.
  • Tang Yin smiled and walked into the airport in a hurry with a dozen people. More than ten minutes later, the plane soared into the sky. Huang Ting stood outside the airport and watched Tang Yin’s plane depart. After that, he fished out his phone and dialed the number to Elder Wang’s office. “Tang Yin has departed. Should we make a move now?”
  • “There’s no rush,” Elder Wang replied with a smile. “That brat may not achieve his goal after he reaches there. We have to stabilize the situation first.”
  • “Alright.” Huang Ting nodded and hung up the call before getting into his car.
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