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Chapter 830 The Last-Ditch Effort

  • “Yes… you’re right! The reason why Freemasonry exists is to promote advancement in the civilization! I express my gratitude for your generous help on behalf of mankind…” George bowed at Zhao Qing immediately after he said that.
  • “How phony is him?!” Guan Shanyue snapped with her lips pursed.
  • “Oh Darling, even so, we have to put up with it!” With that, Zhao Qing stood up and headed toward the exit with one arm wrapped around Guan Shanyue’s waist. “The stuff is in the box and you may take it with you. You can call me anytime as long as it’s concerning the mass production of that Drug No.5 of yours!”
  • “Alright, no problem!” George turned around and took a box from one of Zhao Qing’s bodyguards, feeling excited deep down inside. As someone who knew roughly about the way Chinese people inherited ancient skills from their ancestors, he knew that was how Tang Yin got his extremely powerful skills. It might be an easy concept to be understood by most of the Chinese people but to him, it was way too complicated.
  • George only wanted Tang Yin’s genes so that he could incorporate them into his drugs and let people who consumed them have the same power and longevity as him. To his dismay, not only did Tang Yin refuse to cooperate with him, he even nearly killed him.
  • At first, he had intended to give up his plan but all of a sudden, he saw light at the end of the tunnel—someone actually came over and gave him the exact thing he had been dreaming to have.
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