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Chapter 829 Conspiracy

  • In Tang Liyu’s mind, Tang Ke was his only lifeline.
  • At the same time, Tang Ke had just reached a port. Seeing the depressed look on George, he sensibly kept his mouth shut.
  • “You’re not allowed to share anything here to anyone else, do you understand?” Gritting his teeth, George glared at Tang Ke resentfully. “If you dare to leak anything out, we will kill you even though we can’t kill Tang Yin!”
  • Looking deeply shaken, Tang Ke nodded vigorously and acknowledged, “I understand!”
  • “Very well!” George nodded in approval before he stood up. “You don’t have to be too disappointed because Tang Yin hasn’t won us completely! When I go back this time, I will try my best to increase the use of Drug No. 4. I believe you’ve already witnessed how talented that butler of mine is, so what do you think will happen if I am able to popularize Drug No. 4?”
  • “Yes, I know!” Tang Ke nodded quickly, feeling stunned deep down inside.
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