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Chapter 825 Arrived in Time

  • The monster inside the earthen jar growled and sounded like a hiccup. Then, it extended its withered arm out of the jar. When Bassong’s subordinates saw that, they retreated in fright and didn’t dare breathe a little louder as the monster climbed out of the jar.
  • “Squeak…” the monster yelled and climbed out of the jar before jumping upstairs.
  • Pei Ruo’s expression changed drastically when she heard that voice and she hurriedly hurled three grenades down the stairs. The grenades rolled down the stairs and bounced into the air before they exploded and caused a blast. However, the monster wasn’t afraid of the blast at all.
  • When the grenades were rolling down, the monster hid beneath the stairs and buried its claws into the concrete. After the grenades exploded, it directly jumped up the stairs.
  • “Go up and catch that woman!” Magu bellowed.
  • Just then, Bassong and the others came to their senses and scurried upstairs.
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