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Chapter 812 An Emergency

  • At the front of the fleet, a flagship was being escorted by dozens of battleships.
  • With a gloomy expression, George confirmed something through the document in his hands. “The person behind us must be Tang Yin…”
  • “If that’s really Tang Yin, should we strengthen our defense?” the old butler asked.
  • “Of course we have to strengthen our defense. I’ll see whether Tang Yin has the courage to come to this battleship.” George grinned and took a deep breath before turning to the old butler. “Distribute the drugs I’ve brought along…”
  • “Distribute the drugs to the soldiers on the battleship?” the old butler questioned in shock.
  • “Yes, and gather all the guards to protect this battleship…” George laughed coldly and stood up. “You can spread the news that I’m right here… I don’t believe he has the courage to come to this battleship.”
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