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Chapter 810 The Missing Ships

  • "What's the problem?" General Mike hurriedly turned his head, his expression changing slightly.
  • "According to our radar, the last two warships left the battle formation, but they could not be contacted..."
  • "What's going on?" Mike’s heart tightened and hurriedly turned away. He stared at the two white spots on the radar. "These two warships? Have someone call them and get in touch with them immediately!"
  • "Yes, sir!" The deputy saluted and turned to walk out of the cabin.
  • General Mike started pacing around, his face quite unpleasant. If they could be contacted, his deputy would not have notified him. Since the deputy had notified him, it indicated that the severity of this matter had exceeded the scope that the deputy could solve.
  • Thump! Thump! After a while, the deputy entered the cabin again.
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