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Chapter 81 Follow Me Home

  • It was an extremely imposing and impactful scene!
  • The few thousand drones were still flashing in the sky, with both Ji Youyou’s photo and the words ‘Looking For Ji Youyou’ printed on them. It was under these bright flashing lights that Tang Yin, who was accompanied by more than ten bodyguards, walked slowly into the cafe.
  • There was then a short moment of silence inside the cafe.
  • Countless gazes were directed toward Tang Yin, and though none of them knew who he was, the way in which he appeared had been deeply imprinted in their minds.
  • Tang Yin did not stop as he walked all the way to one corner of the cafe and looked at Ji Youyou with a stern expression on his face.
  • “Follow me home!”
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