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Chapter 80 Rummage Through the Whole of Wuhan

  • “Oh?” Meng Wan was frowning and her pretty eyes looked a little cold.
  • Feeling like something was amiss, Ruan Qin hurriedly explained, “Yes, it’s true! Do you know what kind of person Tang Yin was in the past? He used to be so poor that he could not afford to have a proper meal, yet he insisted on acting like a rich man. Don’t you think he’s worth laughing at? Once when we were eating in the Orchid Restaurant, I didn’t know what tricks he used, but he managed to chase away everyone that he disliked and they were not able to have their meals because of him. What a thoughtless guy he was!”
  • Upon hearing what Ruan Qin said, Ji Youyou was feeling a little angry as she believed that Tang Yin would not pull such a stunt. Subconsciously, she clenched her little fists, but did not dare to lift her head.
  • “I know this guy too well! You know, when I first got to know him, God knows where he rented a fleet from and they intentionally dropped him off somewhere near Crescent Lake. I bet that he was pretending to look wealthy just to get close to me!” As Ruan Qin spoke, she continued describing her experience vividly, “When I was celebrating my birthday, he had no money to buy me any gifts and so, he told me that he spent a very long time folding a thousand paper cranes for me! Plus, on Women’s day, he was willing to work as a waiter in a restaurant just to buy me a necklace. To be honest, I did not care about any of those things! It’s just that Tang Yin was too pretentious! He liked to spend even though he had no money, probably because he wanted other people to think that he was rich! A person like him would be the most unreliable one…”
  • Meng Wan raised her head indifferently. “How did you know that he had no money?”
  • Ruan Qin was stunned for a moment before she grinned and said, “Meng Wan, I know that you’re grateful to him for finding your purse, but you should not take it to heart… For all we know, he probably did not find your purse by accident and may have intentionally stolen it before returning it to you to make you feel grateful to him…”
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