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Chapter 796 A Chance for Survival

  • As Tang Yin leaped into the air with his strong legs, he thrust the bayonet forward, aiming at Moses’s throat with it. “Somebody! Help!” Moses was frightened out of his wits when he saw the furious man coming at him menacingly, thus he panickily turned around and ran further into his manor. While giving chase, Tang Yin took down another two more guards by plunging the cold steel through them, which slightly slowed him down in the pursuit. Meanwhile, Moses was too overwhelmed by his fear so much that he couldn’t think straight, so he frantically rushed into his manor while shouting, “Kill this devil! He is a sinner! Kill him right away!”
  • As more and more security guards stepped forth, they aimed their muzzles at Tang Yin once again but struggled to get a clear shot due to the chaotic situation. Nevertheless, Tang Yin swiftly backed away from their sights and slit the throats of three more men with the bayonet. Soon, two of the security guards managed to get a hold of Ouyang Xiang, who was behind Tang Yin, causing her to scream out loud in terror. However, Tang Yin subtly placed his hand near her hips and kicked the guards away.
  • At the same time, the inner energy within Tang Yin’s body was surging through him as he radiated waves of energy that overwhelmed his surroundings. Therefore, when he thrust his bayonet, his strikes tore a security guard’s bulletproof vest apart and went through his chest.
  • Soon, Tang Yin tapped his pants legs and was seen holding a long blade in the next moment. This blade was specially made by Tang Yin for himself, which he felt more comfortable wielding compared to the bayonet. The moment he landed his first strike, he unleashed his blade aura and hacked the three security guards into half. Then, he jumped into the air and landed a kick on another security guard, sending the latter into the manor.
  • Witnessing that, the guests screamed at the top of their lungs and ran upstairs to save their own necks. At the same time, Tang Yin, who had Ouyang Xiang on his back, instantly dashed upstairs with lightning speed. “Die!” An old butler suddenly showed up and greeted Tang Yin with a pistol, firing three shots at the man. Needless to say, these three shots posed no threat to Tang Yin as he speedily rushed toward the old butler and stopped just right in front of him. With a swing of his blade, the old man’s head fell to the ground in the next few seconds. While screaming hysterically, the royals’ servants immediately led their masters upstairs to escape.
  • While Tang Yin’s brutal outrage was a macabre experience to the princes, the royal princesses were even more terrified by this life-threatening event that took place unexpectedly in the debutante. Soon, they found themselves becoming a burden when their elegant high heels largely hindered their movements. As she stepped on her own skirt, the Swedish Princess screeched with fear, placing her hands over her head helplessly, only to be rescued by the bodyguards around her who dragged her to safety. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for these people to realize that they were sitting ducks when Tang Yin caught up with them in a matter of seconds.
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