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Chapter 793 The Uncivilized Savage

  • Franks was furious, not expecting the car to bump his ride from behind. What’s the fella behind my car doing? He’s got some nerves to ram my car, even though my brake light was on. The situation was slightly out of hand as the car sped forward on the highway. Meanwhile, Ouyang Xiang, who was sitting in the car, screamed with horror while habitually leaning forward. Nevertheless, Tang Yin quickly pulled her into his arms, while the latter’s mind went blank at this very brief moment. After all, this teenage girl, who was still studying in high school, wasn’t even in her twenties yet. Although she was raised by the prestigious Ouyang Family, she had never been exposed to danger like this one. Therefore, her heart skipped a beat when she was tightly wrapped in Tang Yin’s arms.
  • A few moments later, Tang Yin’s car began to pick up speed and continued to dash forward for another few hundred meters until they could finally see Moses Manor. Outside the manor’s entrance stood two people who seemed like old butlers. As Tang Yin’s car slowly pulled up, a valet came closer to open the car door and politely gestured for him to exit the vehicle. At this time, the Swedish Princess’s motorcade was approaching from behind before it pulled up just right next to Tang Yin’s. Soon, another butler immediately walked up to the Swedish Princess’s car and opened the door, courteously making the same gesture as the previous butler.
  • Nevertheless, Tang Yin exited his car and adjusted his attire while taking a quick glimpse at the Moses Manor. This manor is huge indeed. Although it may not be as stylish as I thought it would be, the building seems like an antique piece of art to me. After all, there aren’t many buildings around New York City with a long history. Therefore, I’m surprised to see a vintage manor like this one in the city.
  • “Which uncivilized savage was it who cut our line?” As the Swedish Princess stepped out of her car, her elegant white dress slowly came into sight and took her beholders’ breath away. Tang Yin looked back in an unconcerned manner before he held Ouyang Xiang’s wrist and continued to follow the valet into the Moses Manor.
  • “Who’s that guy? Who is he to cut my line on the road like that?” The Swedish Princess didn’t sound happy at all, while the valet, who was receiving her, was too intimidated to even lift his head. Without saying a single word, he quickly walked away, intending to head into the building.
  • “Hey, I’m talking to you. Answer me!” The valet’s reaction served to piss the Swedish Princess even more. “I can’t believe this is how you receive your guest. Who is that guy on your guest list?”
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