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Chapter 792 Going to the Banquet

  • “He’s here so soon.” Tang Yin grinned coldly and lifted the quilt.
  • Ouyang Xiang turned around in a hurry and ran out of the room with a blushed face.
  • It never crossed Tang Yin’s mind that the person from Freemasonry would come to him so soon. He had guessed that he might meet up with them that night, but that person had knocked on the door in the morning.
  • After washing up, he went downstairs and saw the person from Freemasonry called George.
  • Clad in suits, the man was in his forties with an aggressive gaze.
  • “Mr. Tang, you must be surprised that we’d meet so soon.” George beamed and extended his right hand. “Nice to meet you!”
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