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Chapter 789 The Charming Duo

  • Tang Yin remained silent and squinted his eyes.
  • “I don’t think you know me…” George laughed and said gleefully, “But I’m sure you know Freemasonry! Will you be interested if I want to have a cooperation with you on behalf of Freemasonry?”
  • “Oh? What kind of cooperation?” Tang Yin asked with a smile.
  • “Tell me your secret to longevity, and I’ll help you kill Tang Yuanbo!” George directly made his offer and said with a smile, “Don’t reject me without giving it a thought… I know you only too well! I have found out everything about you from your birth up until now! You should know better how the Tang Family treats you and vice versa… Don’t think that after you have taken control of the Tang Family, Tang Yuanbo has ceased to be a threat. As far as I’m concerned, he has won over eight regional managers of the underground network and even obtained a partnership with the Shen Family. If you allow him to keep going, there is a possibility that he might regain control of the Tang Family!”
  • “Oh…” Tang Yin said slowly.
  • “I will kill Tang Yuanbo for you, and you will tell me your secret to longevity. Don’t you think it’s a win-win solution?” George asked joyfully.
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