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Chapter 787 No 3

  • “Even if No. 3 is no match for him, we still have No. 4.” After Tang Yin turned a corner in the corridor and moved out of sight, George guffawed. “Don’t you know that No. 4 is about to be completed? Drug No. 4 is made using the genes of Tang Yuanbo!”
  • Everyone came to their senses and looked at George admirably.
  • George pursed his lips. “Guys, I hereby announce that the plan to hunt Tang Yin down shall begin now…”
  • Everyone was shocked upon hearing that.
  • The plan to hunt Tang Yin down is announced so seriously. It seems that he will have a hard time from now on.
  • “Two of No. 3 will arrive at the scene shortly…” George laughed and looked at the people around him. “Ladies and gentlemen, are you as excited as I am about the battle between Tang Yin and the users of Drug No. 3?”
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