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Chapter 786 The Clash

  • The moment the gunshots were fired, Tang Yin pulled Ji Youyou into his embrace and rolled on the ground to the back of the desk. Just then, the people outside stormed into the office.
  • Upon seeing that, Maria shook her head and commented after a sigh, “He’s too young and doesn’t know the horrible side of the world…” As soon as she finished her words, she heard a loud noise. Turning around, she widened her eyes and looked at the scene in disbelief.
  • The six people who had just stormed in were kicked out and rolled on the ground. The man closest to the office had a dented chest and was puking out blood. Eventually, the spark behind his gaze faded.
  • Maria was so shocked that she almost couldn’t breathe. After staggering backward, she heard footsteps coming from the office. Tang Yin had appeared in the doorway!
  • “Kill him! Kill him!” Maria was terrified. It was unimaginable to her that not only was Tang Yin not afraid of bullets, but he could also stand in the doorway of the office.
  • Rat-a-tat! In that instant, gunshots were heard in the building.
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