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Chapter 78 Ji Youyou Went Missing

  • Wang Yanchao nodded. “Alright. I’ll think of new ideas tomorrow if it doesn’t work today. We must make Tang Yan suffer!”
  • “Alright. Don’t worry, we will get back at him this time!”
  • Wang Yanchao chuckled before hanging up, a smirk evident on his face.
  • Tang Yin, do you think you deserve to be with Ji Youyou? I’ll let you reveal your true colors today! Only I have the right to be with someone as gorgeous as Ji Youyou, not you!
  • Wang Yanchao laughed coldly before returning. He suddenly thought of the pretty auctioneer and felt a wave of fiery excitement engulfing his heart.
  • Tang Yin went downstairs to receive the items he bidded from the auction—the human skin mask as well as the bloodstone bangle.
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