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Chapter 779 Secret

  • “I would think so too!” A charming smile appeared on Louis’ face.
  • “Alright, work harder! I want you to do your best to get Ji Youyou into your bed as fast as you can. I wish to know why her body has this much vitality constantly!” Maria grinned and turned to Louis. “I’m sure that you have the potential to do this job. Am I right?”
  • “Of course? I won’t deny the fact that I can climb into the bed of any woman in this world and also won’t deny my love to every woman that I’ve met!” Louis shrugged before gesturing with his arms wide open. “That’s my ability, isn’t it?”
  • “All the best, then!” said Maria nonchalantly.
  • “Of course!” Louis nodded and turned around, leaving Maria’s office.
  • Maria watched as Louis left before she shook her head lightly. Sighing, she took her phone and dialled a number before reporting softly, “Mr. George, we’ve managed to gather enough material for a genetic test.”
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