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Chapter 777 Gentle Tactics

  • Han Fei was taken aback when he heard Han Siyu’s name.
  • In the Han Family, although Han Siyu had just taken over the family, there wasn’t any difference in terms of status. Even though Han Siyu was still young, she was very similar to Han Qi in terms of how she managed her work.
  • At this moment, Han Fei and his brother saw how Han Siyu was standing behind Tang Yin. From the way she looked and her attitude, she seemed like a little girl getting lectured by her teacher.
  • Han Rui could feel his body run cold as he glared at Han Fei angrily. Although he wasn’t a smart businessman, it didn’t mean that he was stupid. If that was how Han Siyu treated that man, it was obvious that he was surely someone very powerful.
  • Han Fei was dumbfounded as well. He froze at where he stood.
  • Right then, Tang Yin turned around and waved at the two of them, which scared them out of their wits.
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