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Chapter 77 Bad Intentions

  • Lin Liguo’s face was tense as he slowly stood up. He felt as if something was stuck in his throat, causing him to be unable to utter a single word.
  • “Young Master Tang...” Pei He bowed slightly as he took a few steps back and glanced at Pei Ruo knowingly.
  • Pei Ruo ignored him and held onto Tang Yin's arm.
  • Tang Yin smiled and gave her nods of assurance before looking at Lin Liguo. “President Lin, why don't you state your price? When can your noodles worth 100 thousand arrive? I'll get Yu Weiren to inform the kitchen now. Once you get your money, I can start eating then.”
  • Lin Liguo's face flushed from embarrassment. Now that he finally knew that this wasn't any ordinary man, he regretted saying something like that. He just wanted to dig a hole for himself and hide in it forever.
  • “I was just joking, Young Master Tang!” Lin Liguo forcefully laughed along.
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