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Chapter 768 Pregnant

  • Needless to say, Tang Yin was unconcerned by their harmless threat. As soon as his blade landed right on Zhuge Yi’s arm, the latter’s sleeve was torn apart, revealing a deep bloody gash that seemed too gory to even behold. Despite the severe wound, Zhuge Yi endured the pain and retreated while his arm dripped with blood. Meanwhile, Tang Yin took two steps back and shot a cold gaze at everyone around him.
  • With only two strikes, Tang Yin successfully wounded two skilled fighters in the hidden family. A feat like that naturally put him a notch above them and positioned him as a formidable foe. After that, everyone from the Eight Great Families was petrified, staring at the wounds Tang Yin inflicted on his rivals silently as they were too afraid to make a sound. On the other hand, Li Changxing’s face turned as pale as a ghost while subconsciously backing away with his mouth left agape.
  • In the meantime, Duanmu Yang felt his blood running cold, gulping in fear while clenching his fists. He was too timid to face Tang Yin in combat. He managed to severely wound Zhuge Yi with just a swing of his blade. I bet two strikes from him could have killed Zhuge Yi in the most gruesome way. If I had taken him head on, I doubt I’d have been able to take that strike from him and still stand after that. How long has it been since the last time I fought Tang Yin? It’s only been less than two months, and he’s already improved so much. Back then, he wasn’t even on par with me, but now, I bet he could kill me in one strike!
  • “The God Record… The God Within…” Zhuge Yi struggled while uttering these few words. Upon hearing what he said, a surprised look showed on everyone’s face especially when they heard The God Within, which instantly doomed their hope to exact revenge. So, that was The God Within! “You…” Zhao Qing endured the pain in his chest and clumsily got back on his feet. When Zhuge Pei came to help him up, she subconsciously noticed his wet crotch and blushed bashfully.
  • “I need to be treated now! No, take me to Mount Wang!” Zhao Qing yelled, snapping everyone else out of their trances as they backed away in fear. Tang Yin was just one man, but the entire Eight Great Families shuddered at his presence and flinched from him. Even with Dao Zhen and Dao Ming guarding their first line of defense, they were still unable to put everyone’s mind to ease. “You want me to pray atop the Snow Mountain of Nine Dragons for three years?”
  • Upon raising his eyebrows, Tang Yin said in a nonchalant tone, “Right?” His voice was so intimidating that it sent everyone from the Eight Great Families backward. No one else was brave enough to talk back, including Zhuge Yi as he only stared at Tang Yin in a helpless manner. “You all want to mess with the Tang Family, don’t you?” The man looked at everyone around him and wiggled his blade as the blood ran along it and dripped to the ground. At the sight of that, they all quivered and stepped back once more. “You all want the Tang Family to worship you for the next two decades?”
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