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Chapter 757 He Will Never Release Jiang Hui

  • Shen Congwu was startled for a moment and figured out the purpose of Shen Ruxin’s visit. “Who told you to come here?”
  • Shen Ruxin looked at her father and performed a military salute before saying, “I’m here to look for Tang Yin!”
  • “You’re looking for Tang Yin?” Shen Congwu was enraged upon hearing that. He was infuriated at the mention of ‘Tang Yin’, but he had nowhere to vent his fury. “What does Tang Yin have to do with you? Why would you come here to look for him? I think you’ve gone mad. Go back now!”
  • Shen Ruxin had never expected that her father would say such nasty things as she hurriedly explained, “Dad, I just want to take a look—”
  • “What is there to see? Scram!” Shen Congwu moved forward and pushed his daughter away before he clenched her hair and lugged her out of the tent. “Tang Yin’s life or death has nothing to do with you, so you’d better leave now… Return to where you are from!”
  • “Dad, what are you doing?” Shen Ruxin yelled.
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