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Chapter 751 Jiang Hui Has Arrived

  • Hearing that, everyone shifted their attention to the Patriarch of the Yue Family.
  • A negotiation?
  • The Eight Great Families had never negotiated with anyone in the past, so how could the Patriarch of the Yue Family make such a suggestion?
  • “No way!” Duanmu Yang directly rejected the idea and sneered, “We can negotiate with them, but Tang Yin has to kill himself first. Otherwise, it’s out of the question!”
  • “That’s right!” the Patriarch of the Guan Family chimed in.
  • Zhuge Yi raised his head and shot a look at the Patriarch of the Yue Family before saying coldly, “The Eight Great Families have existed for centuries, and we’ve never bowed to anyone before. It never happened before, and it won’t happen this time!”
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