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Chapter 746 Taking the Bait

  • “What did you say?” Duanmu Yang lifted a brow and stormed angrily. “There are two heads from our family at the entrance?”
  • “Yes, two severed heads! When Patriarch Yue and Patriarch Guan were setting up at the entrance, two severed heads were flung at them. The victims were the Duanmu Family’s spies!”
  • “That is unacceptable!” Duanmu Yang roared and went out to check the situation. Enraged, Zhuge Yi gritted his teeth and stood up to follow after Duanmu Yang.
  • The Leng Family’s Patriarch who had been giving outlandish suggestions was deflated. Unlike what they thought, Tang Yin did not give up. Instead, he continued his pursuit and even killed another two members of the Duanmu Family. The group in the meeting hall hurried out of the door and looked into the distance.
  • Under the glare of the sunshine, the valley sparkled in its white covers. There was a figure standing far in the distance. It was indeed Tang Yin!
  • He stared at the door to the Duanmu Family residence and observed the crowd that spilled out from the manor. Then, he lifted his right hand and, with a loud bang, he flung another head at them. The severed head was still covered in fresh blood, which was evidence of a recent murder.
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