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Chapter 745 The God Record

  • “Great!” Li Changxing laughed sinisterly with an evil smile on his face. “With Soul Lifting Technique of the Guan Family and the Yue Family’s Heart Sutra of Five Poisons, we could definitely take down Tang Yin if we cooperate well!”
  • Zhuge Yi’s expression was slightly relaxed after hearing that. After many years in the Snow Mountain of Nine Dragons, there was a reason that the Eight Great Families could face everything with composure. The Guan Family’s Soul Lifting Technique and the Yue Family’s Heart Sutra of Five Poisons were both top secret cultist books.
  • If the Eight Great Families could utilize the two books, be it Tang Yin or even the Golden Immortal of Heavens, the intruders would not return alive. However, the only problem was to get the Yue Family to prepare in advance to create a surprising effect.
  • “Have the Guan and Yue Patriarchs prepare in advance. All of us have to consider carefully how to deal with Tang Yin!” Zhuge Yi waved his hand. The other two patriarchs nodded and turned around to leave the meeting hall. Only the other four were left.
  • Two patriarchs had lost their lives in Tang Yin’s hands and another two went to prepare their defense at the entrance of the Duanmu Residence. The remaining patriarchs were sullen and their expressions were somber.
  • “Let’s discuss how to deal with him!” Zhuge Yi looked up and scanned around the hall. After some silence, Duanmu Yang suggested coldly, “We must kill him!”
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