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Chapter 744 Killing Another Patriarch

  • Without stopping, Tang Yin dashed up and his internal force exploded in his hands. Before the Patriarch of the Lin Family could react, his back was slashed by Tang Yin’s palm. He was furious at the attack and waved in an attempt to counterattack. Unfortunately, he was lost to Tang Yin’s speed and was swept out by the blast of air.
  • “How dare you?”
  • “Tang Yin, how dare you hurt the Patriarch of the Lin Family!”
  • The angry sounds reprimanding him was heard from the front. Everyone turned to stare at Tang Yin.
  • In the crowd, Tang Ai witnessed Tang Yin causing severe injury to a patriarch with his palm, and her expression immediately turned gloomy. As far as she knew, Tang Yin should not have been as powerful and as daring as he was. Therefore, she was astonished by Tang Yin’s performance.
  • Duanmu Yang spun around with a furious expression but Tang Ai quickly pulled him back. “Grandpa, the priority now is self-preservation!”
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